Sunday, November 05, 2006

My famous last words

I took a personality test that deduced what my famous last words would be. From the result I can tell ( and so can you) that there is no chance , absolutely no chance that these words are going to be famous.

Results of this test were:

***Your Famous Last Words Will Be:***
"I can pass this guy

"I can pass this guy"??? * Eyes wide open with disbelief*
The only other thing that I can deduce from this is that, by the time I die i would be totally insane and senile spending my last few days in a mental asylum surrounded by my loved ones.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Quarter century

I turn 25 next month. When I think of what I have gained in the last 25 years, the only significant thing that comes to my mind are some extra kilos.
This step from 24 to 25 seems so large. Seems like this huge huge step. A giant leap. 24 seems like, oh i'm just 24! 25 seems like oh my god! i'm 25 years old!!! And now im also rambling. Senility sets in pretty early these days I hear.
Some things I hope to achieve by then:
1. Graduate
2. Lose some weight. Without exercising.
3. If 2. does not work, exercise and lose some weight
4. Come up with a plan of action for the future. That would mainly comprise looking for a job and
5. Travel a little bit.

Anybody reading this post, dont forget to wish me on my birthday. Otherwise i ll not only be 25 but I'll also be sad.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The story of M and me.

I met M the first time five years ago. He most definitely did'nt seem too happy to meet me. Just raised his eyebrows as a sign of acknowledging my presence, gave me the most half hearted smile and turned back to the boys. The message was pretty clear, the only thing missing was a placard which said "I'm not interested in conversing with you. Have a nice day. Good bye".

Met him a couple of times in the next few months after our first introduction. But our man, refused to say anything apart from "Hi!". Atleast he had progressed from raising eyebrows at me. Maybe it was the way I looked that he did'nt like, or maybe I had body odour. Whatever the reason he insisted on ignorning me.

About two years down the line, somehow , somewhere, the right chord struck. We talked endlessly, laughed incessantly, and allowed the telecom sector to grow rapidly. The bonding got better when he allowed me to steal his SOP for an application that I wanted to send to an university in the United States of America.

I also found out that I didnt have body odour and neither did he detest me, but only that our hero was a little shy. He said " I was meeting you for the first time, what did you expect me to say". Understandable. I was the one jumping to conclusions.

There is one very strange thing that comes to my mind when I think of M. His grey floaters. I have no clue why.

M, if reading that didnt make you too happy, I hope the next statement will.
You are on the list of the most favourite people in my life. Taaa...daa!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

People and memories

There are some people that I have met once,through common friends and acquaintances. Managing to find just enough time to exchange some pleasantries they just faded away in the hustle bustle of mundane routines. But, technology happened to get us closer. Thanks to Y! messenger and the likes. A friend once told me that " Every stranger is a friend that you haven't met". These "strangers" wove themselves so quietly around my life that I failed to notice when they became a part it.

There have been some that I have known for the best part of my life and have not managed to keep in touch. They just drift away and no technology can ever repair that. No matter how hard you try. Sometimes you try so hard that after a while it really doesnt matter. They leave behind lots of memories and lots of emails. Some good, some bad. These are the kind you wish stayed on. The kind you wished werent so far away. Physically or otherwise.

There is another kind that you can never let go off. Which needs no technology to keep the bonding going strong. Needs no effort to keep it going strong. The kind where every conversation however rare or often, as the case might be is interspersed with giggles, loud laughs, silly jokes, an unnoticed hand in hand evening walk, chinese food, old memories and meaningless abuses.

I dont know which kind I like the most.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Linguistic inclinations

I have been living in Germany for two years now and its almost impossible for me to converse in German when the total time of the conversation is more than 60 seconds.
People tell me that women learn languages more easily than men. I'm the definite exception to the rule. I am at a phase in my life where the linguistic domain of my brain is non-functional.

I even attended classes in German, with the hope that my linguistic inclinations would improve. All I learnt at these lessons were dictionary meanings of words. What else do I need to know?
The grammar. The godforsaken language has the toughest grammar ever in the history of languages. I tried, believe me I did. I discovered after a year that it was an impossible task to construct a grammatically correct sentence in German without looking like I'm performing a Herculean task.

Living in a student town does not help. Almost everybody speaks English, leaving me no chance to make an effort. The thought that always occurs to me when I attempt to converse in German? Everyone speaks English, why should I bother struggling my way through in a language that is so hard to comprehend. I had the opportunity to learn a foreign language and I let go of it. And the worst part is I have no regrets.


Why I haven't been blogging?

1. Been busy as hell.
2. Been busier then ever before. Did I mention being busy already?
3. Had my mom visiting me. Too much bonding happening to find time for my blog.
4. Don't know what to write about. What do I do when I don't know what to write about? Publish a post titled " Why I haven't been blogging?"
5. Lousy lousy weather till a couple of days ago. Humid, hot, sweaty,uncomfortable, lethargic overall the worst summer of my life.
6. Orkutting is eating up my time. This also explains why I m busy. The other question being: Why is orkut so addictive?
7. The times that I am not busy, I have been hopelessly and irrepairably lazy. My grey cells seem to be getting too much rest these days.
8. All of the above.

On the other side of my life, things I have to start doing:
1. Exercising
2. Start swimming lessons
3. Work on my thesis report.
4. Try and maintain a better sleeping pattern.
5. Get online more often. Popularity has its consequences.
6. Cook more often. Eat outside less often.
7. Stop being redundant. Cooking more often obviously implies eating outside less often.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I`m going to graduate in November 2006. They are going to award me a degree in procrastination. I'm considering a Ph.D too.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I got tagged

I got tagged by h. So here goes my list.

Five guilty pleasures:

1. Catching up on "the two minutes more" sleep at 7:30 a.m. when I know I have to be somewhere at 8 a.m.
2. Spending the "extra penny" when I know I should be saving it.
3. Missing work because I`m too lazy to get there and then calling in sick.
4. Taking the lift to get to the first floor
5. Grabbing some chocolates when my dentist advises me to stay away from them. [For those who didnt know I have an abundance of caries]

Things I never want to forget:

1. Set dosas at SLV/Adiga's and the times I spent with R.
2. Train rides to Cologne and my days in Aachen with M.
3. Late night conversations and chinese food with G.
4. Money saving "by two" FFJ ( our acronym for Fresh Fruit Juice) with K.
5. My first salary.
6. Shopping sprees with Mom.
7. Dhaba hopping with H.
8. Yahoo conversations.
9. School.

Things I wish to forget:

1. A trip I made to Coorg.
2. A terrible fall on my butt in an all boys college.
3. Nasty fights with Mom.
4. 8 th semester in college.
5. Some lies I wish I hadnt told.

Unforgettable exotic dishes:

1. Spinach lasagne and stuffed capsicum at Pallas
2. Triple schezwan at Continental
3. Burgers at Fire and Ice
4. Chilli potatoes at Rice Bowl.
5. Egg pakodas at Eden garden.

I'm a vegetarian, which makes the definition of 'exotic' very limited.


1. My neighbour from school days.
2. A basketball player at college.
3. A quizzer at college.

Close brushes with death/danger:

When I stepped on to a tram pathway in Z├╝rich too engaged in conversation with H that I didnt notice it speeding towards me less than 10 cms away. Two seconds later two hands from either side grabbed my arm and pulled me on to the sidewalk. Was so close to death...just a couple of centimeters away.

Strangest dream:

I'm lying dead in my living room and I'm surrounded by sobbing parents, a couple of friends and strangely my principal at school. I know in my dream that its a dream and I m not actually dead and I can see all these people around me grieving and I have no idea how to tell them its a dream. Was strange.Really strange. Wierd actually.

Preferable modes of suicide:

*Rolling eyes in disbelief* This is not even a question. I love myself too much to kill myself and I dont think anybody should.
Maybe this is the only life where I'm born as a part of the human race, who knows. In my next birth , if I'm born as an ant somebody would stamp to death or butcher me and make me an 'exotic dish' if I reincarnate as an animal.

Favourite characters:

I'm not too much of an animation person. But from the little animation that I'm aware of:
1. Daffy duck has to be my favourite.
2. Calvin (sometimes). Calvin jokes are boring me these days.
3. Spiderman.
4. Mowgli.
5. This doesnt classify as animation. But I loved Remington Steele. The series on Star Plus featuring Pierce Brosnan.

People on my hate list:( these are more traits of people I hate)

1. People who cant forget unpleasant conversations and hold a grudge all their lives. I'm not saying I'm Mother Therasa. But you have to let go someday.
2. Unreasonably bad tempers.
3. Sarcasm( especially when its uncalled for).
4. Disrespectful people
5. Nymphomaniacs and consequently rapists.

Prized possesions:

1. A tiny mug that I got in college on my birthday. It said " you are a little bit of sugar and a little bit of spice". Giggled like a school girl when I saw it.
2. Snail mail my Mom sent to me at Aachen. She just sent them to me randomly, for no rhyme or reason. The feeling of home that it ellicited*nostalgia*
3. Memories.

Phew! I'm done. There are not many people who know about my blog. So when they do know and start having blogs of their own, I ll come back here edit my post and tag them.